Village Shuttle Service

Blue Mountain is proud to offer a complimentary shuttle service year-round.

Welcome to the Winter 2019/20 Shuttle Service 

Monday to Thursday
On-Demand Service: Available for all shuttle stop locations by calling our direct line @ 705-443-5519

Friday to Sunday and Holidays†
The route runs from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm every 10 to 15 minutes. After 10pm please call for our after hour’s service @ 705-443-5519
† Holidays include December 21st–January 5, February 17 and March 16–20
Blue Line (Inn Hut, North Creek Shuttle Hut, GCL drop off, Village Hut, Rivergrass, Embarc/Blue Horizon, Westin, Silverbullet Hut, SBL, Orchard Hut) 
Red Line (Silverbullet Hut, SBL, Orchard Hut, SBL Hut, Triangle Lot (staff parking when time permits)

The below locations are always On-Demand 7 days a week
Historic Snowbridge, *Arrowhead,*Monterra Ridge, Crestview & Creekwood Court
*Approved residents ID is required for service at Arrowhead and Monterra Ridge