Astronomy Under the Stars

Location: Blue Mountain Village 
Dates: July 9, July 10, August 20, & August 21, 2019
Inspire the dreamer in you and discover your place in this vast universe! Take a scenic tour of planets and galaxies, learn about space exploration to the Moon, and discover the mist bizzare things in the universe!
Dates and Details!

Tuesday, July 9: Astronomy – A Fascinating Tour of the Universe
Wednesday, July 10: Space Exploration and the Life of an Astronaut
Tuesday, August 20: The Ultimate Guided Tour of the Universe
Wednesday, August 21: Cosmology: The Birth, Evolution and Fate of the Universe

Each show starts at dusk and is followed by the Inspiring Universe Meteorite Petting Zoo, Photo Shack and Stargazing Experience!
Tom Vassos

Tom Vassos has devoted thousands of hours researching his lifelong passions – astronomy and cosmology. He is the Cosmologist-in-Residence at the Fogo Island Inn, Canada, a Member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, a Science Advocate for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a Contributing Member of Astronomers Without Borders and Founder of Cosmologists Without Borders.

Tom Vassos has been an instructor at several universities around the world including 30+ years at the University of Toronto. His recent astronomy talks were at the David Dunlap Observatory and at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema (University of Toronto Lecture Series).