Christian Potenza
Celebrity Emcee and Oktoberfest Host

Christian Potenza is an Actor, Voice Actor, Writer, Producer, Teacher, Father, Friend and Amature Renaissance Man. He has been a part of the Canadian Media landscape as a working professional for the last 25 years. Millions of fans around the world know him best for his Stoner Surfer drawl and Signature giggle as Jude from 6teen, as well the  Trademark Cadence as Chris McLean from Total Drama. Christian is now teaching Voice Acting at 3 colleges to a generation that grew up watching his cartoons. Two years ago Christian moved to Hamilton to open The Infinity Forge, a Creative Media Arts Centre for Everyone! With his well adjusted Peter Pan Complex he looks to the future with a slight squint and a boyishly charming smirk! 

The Black Forest Band
Saturday, September 21

The Black Forest Band is the best known group to perform at Kitchener-Waterloo’s Oktoberfest each year. Not just renowned for being an elite polka band in Canada and the United States, but also one of Canada’s best loved party bands. Winners of the 2012 PACE Awards for Best German Album. The Black Forest Band is a full entertainment experience! They have a wonderful ability to charm an audience and draw them into the party atmosphere. 
Mladi Glas Planika Slovenian Dance Group
Saturday, September 21

As winners of the So You Think You Can Tanz 2018 trophy, Mladi Glas Slovenian Dance Group proudly showcases the best in Oberkrainer dance from the all regions of Slovenia. The dance repertoire is choreographed to music that has become synonymous with Oktoberfest and is primarily vivacious, high-energy and appealing to audiences of all ages! The group’s popularity continues to grow and after a successful European tour in 2017, they have just confirmed that due to popular demand, they will once again tour Europe in 2020! 
Beer 101: Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill
Saturday, September 21 at 1pm 
  • BEER 101: Unique food and beer pairing featuring Prud’homme Master Beer Sommelier, Christoph Stadtlander. Tickets: $40 (before taxes - includes a commemorative stein!). Seating is limited!