Canada's Only Guitar Trail

Location: Blue Mountain Village 
Date: Saturday, 8 Sep 2018

A mountain of music will carry you along the one-of-a-kind Guitar Trail. Follow the acoustic vibe and discover dozens of artists throughout the Village, up the mountain hiking trail or purchase a scenic gondola ticket to the top and follow the music down!

Enjoy live music on the Guitar Trail from 1-4pm, followed by a concert with Colin James at 4:30pm!
Plus browse the vendors in the Village from 12-4pm!
HEADLINER: Colin James
Free Concert on the Coca-Cola Stage at 4:30pm

From the prairies of Saskatchewan to the stages of the world, sharing his talent with some of the greatest and most influential musicians of all time, Colin James has quietly and steadily established himself as one of Canada's greatest musicians. 
For his 18th album, Blue Highways, Colin pays tribute to some of his long time blues idols including Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Freddie King, Jr. Wells & Buddy Guy, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and William Bell. In the spring of 2015 after wrapping up his Hearts on Fire Tour, Colin was loving playing with his band and really happy with the sound they had created on stage. It was the perfect time to make the record Colin had been itching to make for years – and in just a few days, Blue Highways was born.
Aaron Garner
Stop #1 on the Guitar Trail

Aaron Garner’s musical career began 20 years ago, leading him to perform with award-winning masters of their craft, blues legends, and Canadian Rock music stars.
Caitlin Gale
Stop #2 on the Guitar Trail

Caitlin Gale is a singer-songwriter and musician who has played professionally for the past 10 years. She blends her soulful voice with an acoustic guitar to create a unique sound, all her own. She finds inspiration from different genres and a wide range of artists, which also lends a hand to her distinctive sound. She has performed at various concerts, festivals, events and venues in different places across Canada.
Luke Martin
Stop #3 on the Guitar Trail

Luke Martin is a Canadian artist, raised in Montreal. Self-taught on the guitar, he has been writing since he was nearly 20 years old, but only recently made the decision to quit his job and pursue music full-time. Now living on a farm outside Markdale, he works for non-profit, charitable organization and performs in venues surrounding the Blue Mountain area.
Pat Maloney
Stop #4 on the Guitar Trail

Pat Maloney is a Canadian songwriter, storyteller, and a serious whistler. He’s a concerned citizen, with a busted acoustic guitar and a fake bass drum. He’s a too-tall, Ottawa ex-pat, singing songs as meaningful as he can muster, with a healthy, self-defaming sense of humor. Since the Fall of 2013, Pat has performed more than 800 times in 4 different countries. Lengthy tours of the United Kingdom during University galvanized his efforts as a hard-working, self-made artist. In three short years, he released three full-length albums, and a dozen “art project” style stop-motion animated music videos.
Greg Smith
Stop #5 on the Guitar Trail

Greg Smith writes songs with entire life stories wrapped inside and delivers them with the eye of a cinematographer. Known for in depth song cycles and inventive guitar work, a Greg Smith concert mixes the best parts of reading a favourite book and a folkie serenade.
David Stone
Stop #6 on the Guitar Trail

David Stone is a singer-songwriter and musician, born and raised in the Georgian Triangle. Drawing from a range of influences with a unique style of story-telling, David Stone writes and performs heartfelt Folk-Pop/Rock songs.
Ian Raeburn
Stop #7 on the Guitar Trail

Ian Raeburn is an emerging singer-songwriter hailing from the Collingwood area. He has made his mark locally with his hit song “Georgian Bay”, which has been featured on local radio stations and on CBC Radio. He released his self-titled EP in December 2016, and he continues to write music and gig around Southern Ontario. His music is a blend of Folk and Canadiana, drawing comparisons to the legendary Gordon Lightfoot.
Dave Loopstra
Stop #8 on the Guitar Trail

Dave Loopstra is a guitar and banjo player best known for whimsical comedy lyrics describing why he quit Facebook, why he sometimes wishes his name was Randy, or what he does at home when his wife has taken his kids to karate lessons (hint: laundry, dishes, recycling and picking up Lego). Dave can often be found at local open mic nights where he jams with Bambalamb Kidd under the stage name "Glacial Erratic". Dave lives in Thornbury with his wife, 2 kids, and 7 chickens which always seem to escape their pen and dig up the neighbours’ gardens. Bad chickens.
Jasmin Millar 
Stop #9 on the Guitar Trail

Born and raised in Collingwood, Jasmin Millar pulls you in with her soft tones and meaningful messages. Jasmin has been on her musical path since she was small. Long before graduating from Seneca College's Independent Music Production program, the multi-instrumentalist learned to have fun with music by enjoying her father’s musical and comedic talents. Like a good friend, Music has stayed with Jasmin throughout her life and has served as a type of 'soul medicine' when hard times pass through. Jasmin's music comes from the heart and crosses your path when the timing is right.
Drew McIvor
Stop #10 on the Guitar Trail

With his trusty six-string, this charismatic crooner delivers with a masterful simplicity, inviting audiences not only to listen but truly share the musical experience. His deep affection for his craft is apparent at every turn; you can feel his heart is in the music, and it is contagious. Elements of Acoustic Pop, Folk, World, Soul and Jazz are interwoven into a tapestry of intelligent, catchy tunes that fit like your favorite jeans, and soothe like a warm summer breeze. Drew is always active writing, performing, arranging and producing for a variety of musical projects. He just completed his second full-length album, Through the Tangle of Trees.
To Be Announced
Stop #11 on the Guitar Trail
To Be Announced
Stop #12 on the Guitar Trail
Amanda Dorey
Stop #13 on the Guitar Trail

A small town girl from Meaford, Amanda Dorey discovered her passion at a young age, learning country songs on a six-string and developing an original vocal style that is unmistakably Country. Covering the classics, she will get your foot stomping and toes tapping as you sing along to all the greats. Her love for music is purely genuine and extremely contagious.
Stop #14 on the Guitar Trail

Translated “The Impact of the Lamb” or “Bam528” – the frequency which he lives – has been blessed to share his love of the beat starting with one of the greatest bands ever, the Iconic Funk Brothers, when he was just a boy. This was the foundation of the beat Bam528! He has had a remarkable music history and has shared the stage with many talented artists over the last 35 years as a session and studio musician.
Aiden & Decklan
Stop #15 on the Guitar Trail
Chris Scerri and Jon Zaslow
Stop #16 on the Guitar Trail

Chris Scerri and Jon Zaslow bring an acoustic feel to Classic Rock, Blues and Pop music. Their harmonies and two acoustic guitars create the perfect sound.
Chantal Preston
Stop #17 on the Guitar Trail

Chantal Preston is a singer-songwriter born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and raised in the city of Barrie. She started writing poems and short stories at a young age, and after asking for a guitar on her 16th birthday she began writing songs. She began booking herself to play in venues across Simcoe County at the age of 18. She currently plays as a solo act and in a duo with Jazz guitarist, Keith Boddy. In late October 2016, Chantal released her first EP titled Call You Later, featuring her single, “Just Wing It”, available on iTunes.
Shane Cloutier
Stop #18 on the Guitar Trail

Local musician and music teacher, and the owner of Cloutier Music School, Shane Cloutier is currently releasing an album with his band Odd Clue. He brings a mix of covers and original material in styles of Blues, Pop, Folk, Rock and his own unmistakable sound.
Madison Galloway
Stop #19 on the Guitar Trail

Songstress Madison Galloway takes the stage with a guitar, harmonica, and ukulele, along with her signature style of Folk-Rock and Blues. She captures the ears and hearts of her audience with a performance that is riveting for its energy; imagine Janis Joplin jamming with Neil Young while Joni Mitchell looks over proudly.
Erica and Mike McCarthy
Stop #20 on the Guitar Trail

Erica and Mike McCarthy are a high-energy duo that are noted for their exciting and dynamic live performances, bringing fans back wherever they play.