What is the BMVA?

The Blue Mountain Village Association (BMVA) is a not for profit association formed to manage & maintain all common areas and facilities in the Village, including marketing the Village as a four season destination through the provision of events and animation.

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How much do the events in the Village cost?

There is no charge for admission to Village events. All events are open to the public.

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Do I have to belong to the BMVA if I buy property in the Village?

Yes. All properties in the Village core (Grand Georgian, Weider Lodge, Seasons At Blue, Mosaic At Blue, Westin Trillium House), Historic Snowbridge, Second Nature, Rivergrass, Monterra Ridge are mandated to become members by a special Ontario legislation, Bill Pr14, An Act Respecting Blue Mountain Village Association passed in 1999. As well, certain properties at Mountain Springs Resort, Chateau Ridge, Cachet Crossing, Mountain Walk and Winter Green have chosen to join the BMVA.

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Does everyone have to be a member?

Yes. Every condominium and commercial business located on BMVA registered land must become a member. Members are classified as Lodging Owners, (those properties in the BMR or associate member rental programs), Residential Owners, (those properties used for private purposes) and Commercial Owners (business owners in the Village).

Other members include owners of undeveloped lots, Blue Mountain Resorts Limited and Intrawest ULC. In addition, some businesses due to their close proximity to the Village see the advantage of voluntary Associate membership with the BMVA.

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What does being “registered on title” mean?

The BMVA is listed as an interested party on title to Village properties, similar to the way a Condominium Corporation would be listed. This simply means that ownership of this property comes with certain obligations, rights and responsibilities as a member to the BMVA as noted in the General Bylaw.

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What fees do I have to pay?

The location of a Village property is taken into consideration in the fee structure. It is recognized that the properties within the Village core (properties surrounding Events Plaza and the Millpond) derive a larger benefit from the activities of the BMVA.

The Basic Fee, (currently $1.08 inside the Village Core and $0.27 outside the Village Core) is based upon the square footage of the property. This fee, which is determined annually as part of the budget process, can be adjusted according to costs of the BMVA that are not covered by special fees, royalty fees, entry fees and revenues from operations. The rate has remained the same amount since 2008.

A one-time Entry Fee is applicable upon the purchase of a BMVA member property. The amount is dependent upon the location of the property as well – either 2% in the Village core or 1% outside the Village core of the purchase price.

A Rental Royalty fee is applicable for Lodging members. The Lodging member and BMR, or other Associate Rental Manager, each pay 1% of the gross rental revenues earned from the property. This fee is charged to the paying guests, collected and remitted by the rental manager on behalf of the member to the BMVA. Members renting their property privately are responsible for submitting the 2% Rental Royalty fee directly to the BMVA.

All BMVA fees are HST applicable.

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When will I get billed for the annual Basic Fees?

The Basic Fee is due quarterly in advance. The BMVA fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. One annual invoice is sent to members in early June. The annual fee is divided into 4 equal payments which are due on July 1, October 1, January 1 and April 1. Members have the option to pay the full annual fee if that is more convenient.

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How can I pay my fees?

There are several methods to pay fees:

  1. By cheque – we will hold post-dated cheques until the due date for deposit.
  2. By using the online payment facilities provided by all Canadian bank and credit union accounts, except Royal and National Bank and CIBC (as at February 1, 2013). To do this, the BMVA must be set as a payee on the bank webpage and then payment can be made. Quarterly payments can be set up to occur automatically, allowing the Member control of payments.
  3. Via email transfer from all Canadian banks and credit unions. On the bank webpage, set [email protected] as the transferor; then send this email with the funds. A security question and answer is required as well as a separate email with the answer before the funds can be accessed by the BMVA. There is no automatic option using this method, so Members must remember to send these emails whenever payment is required. The same email and security information can be used each time funds are transferred.
  4. Pre-authorized Debit:  Fill out the authorization form found HERE and return it with a void cheque for your bank account.   The basic fee including HST,  plus a charge of $2.50 (to cover the bank fees) will be automatically deducted from your account on the 1st business day after July 1st, October 1st,January 1st and April 1st, if these dates are not already business days.  Your information will be set up on TD/Canada Trust’s Web Business Banking System which is secured by 2 separate login passwords.  As an additional security safeguard, your banking information will not be recorded in our computerized accounting system.  All authorization forms including void cheques will be kept secured in the BMVA office.
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What do my fees pay for?

In addition to the above listed homeowner fees, fees are paid by Intrawest, Blue Mountain Resorts, Commercial and Associate members to the BMVA. Fees are generally structured on an equitable basis that reflects the various economic interests in the Village. Together, all of these fees support the following BMVA activities:

  • events;
  • animation;
  • destination marketing;
  • seasonal decorations;
  • security;
  • landscaping;
  • snow & garbage removal;
  • repair or replacement of the Village infrastructure;
  • operation of the Plunge! Aqua Centre;
  • stewardship of the Millpond;
  • government relations; and
  • shuttle service, in partnership with Blue Mountain Resorts.

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Do I have to pay the Entry fee if I give my property to my children?

If the consideration paid for the transfer of the property to a relative is less than 10% of the market value, then no Entry Fee is payable.

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If I transfer my unit into my business name for tax purposes do I have to pay an Entry Fee?

If the member is the principle of the corporation and there is no or nominal consideration paid for the transfer, then no Entry Fee is payable. A sworn affidavit regarding the
member’s position in the corporation is required along with a copy of the title registration transfer document to transfer the membership.

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If my spouse is a co-owner and dies, what documentation do I need to send the BMVA?

A copy of the portion of the executed will stating beneficiary of the property is required. There is no fee applicable, except if the property is subsequently sold by the estate of
the deceased.

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What are the benefits of being a member?


Members have voting rights and are encouraged to participate in the direction of the BMVA by becoming a member of the Board and/or Committees.

Member Privilege Program

The Member Privilege Program is a voluntary program developed by the BMVA and Village businesses to offer BMVA members privileges throughout the Village. The
program is available to the registered owner of the Village property and their immediate family members who reside with them. Typical privileges are discounts or upgrades on goods or services in BMVA member businesses. Some privileges are offered on resort attractions and activities.

Privileges are not extended to member’s guests. Only members who are in good standing are eligible for this program. Personalized photo identification cards are issued to
eligible members upon completion of an application form and receipt of pictures. Contact Tina Ward at [email protected] or Marg Fairley at [email protected] for more information.

Resort Shuttle

The resort shuttle is provided as an alternative mode of transportation around the resort.  Click here to view the shuttle route.


Exclusive arrangements with a local taxi company have been made to ensure sufficient cabs are available for guests visiting the Village.

Communications & Information

Members are invited to the Annual General Meeting of Members which provides current information on BMVA operations, including government relations, and Resort activities.

The website www.bluemountainvillage.ca has been developed to keep members and the public current on the many activities, events, shopping and dining experiences in the Village. A sign up facility is available on the website to receive an electronic newsletter to bring current event information to subscribers’ email inboxes.


Events and animation are provided in the Village on weekends for 10 months of the year and every day during peak vacation periods i.e. Christmas week, March break.

Visit www.bluemountainvillage.ca for complete details on all events. As well, by signing up for the electronic newsletter, weekly updates will be delivered directly to subscribers’ inboxes.


BMVA participates in destination marketing initiatives with other Resort partners and the Province of Ontario. Events are promoted locally and in the GTA.

Government Relations

BMVA is the members’ advocate in government relations. A recent example is the two year process which successfully amended the Provincial legislature when Residential property tax classification was changed to Commercial for short term rental properties. BMVA membership is required to have the property taxes for these properties reclassified to the new class, Resort Condominium. The rate for Resort Condominium is similar to the Residential tax rate in the Blue Mountains.

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I’m thinking of selling my Village property. What do I need to do?

Due to the unique organizational structure of the Resort, various organizations require notification when selling a Village property. We recommend members consider using a
local realtor who is familiar with the various reporting requirements and language needed in purchase and sale advertising and agreements.

Vendors are responsible for ensuring the potential purchaser is aware of the required membership with the BMVA prior to the purchasing the property. As well they must notify the purchaser that certain obligations, rights and responsibilities are part of that membership. The vendor should also inform the potential purchaser that a Status Certificate for this property must be requested prior to closing from the BMVA. The Status Certificate provides information on the current account status, fee structure and requirements, organizational structure and other information regarding the BMVA.

The Vendor and the Purchaser are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring the Entry Fee is paid upon closing of the sale. The Vendor should insist either this transaction be included as part of the closing reconciliation or a direction is issued to the Purchaser’s lawyer requesting confirmation of payment of this fee to the BMVA.

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I’m considering purchasing a property in the Village. What do I need to do?

Due to the unique nature of reporting and legal requirements to the various organizations involved with Village properties, we recommend potential members consider using a local realtor and lawyer when purchasing Village property.

A Status Certificate must be requested on the property. The fee is $30 + HST = $33.90. Three copies of the Status Certificate are included with other documentations, giving complete disclosure on the operations of the BMVA. The items included are:

  • Members Guide including the General Bylaw and Special Act, Bill Pr 14, An Act respecting Blue Mountain Village Association;
  • Member Information Form;
  • Most recent Annual Report including the audited financial statement;
  • Recent communications to Members; and
  • Other material pertinent to Village operations.

One copy of the signed Status Certificate, acknowledging receipt and the completed

Member Information Form must be returned to the BMVA along with payment of any outstanding Basic Fees and the Entry Fee.

For further details on purchasing or selling a BMVA member property, contact Tina Ward at [email protected].

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