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Why Vote?

Town of The Blue Mountains municipal election is taking place between October 12-22, 2018.  BMVA has launched an Election Awareness Campaign, called "Vision 2025" to help all members eligible to vote make informed voting decisions.  Local elections are too important to ignore.  It is the one level of government that has the greatest impact on your life.  Everything from waste collection to water delivery; snow clearing to road construction; zoning to recreational services, all these are handled by municipal government.  it is important that you get involved by voting for the candidates that you believe will have the best interests of you and your community in mind.

Homeowner Members:  BMVA's homeowner members represent more than 2000 eligible voters, approximately 20% of all voters and almost 60% of the number of votes cast in the last election.  Future council decions on tourism, our local economy, the growth of Blue Mountain Village and improved municpal services will impact our homeowner members' future home values!  While many BMVA homeowner member properties are second homes, or are used as part of vacation rentals, they are eligible to vote in the upcoming election.  
Business Members & Employees:  Our business members include more than 50 restaurants, retail stores and services, as well as resort and hotel operations.  Many of the Village business owners and their employees live in The Blue Mountains and are entitled to vote in the upcoming election.  Economic development, support for the tourism industry's growth, attainable housing, transit infrastructure and more are critical to these voters because they impact their day-to-day lives as well as their business and employment future.  

BMVA members must increase the number of votes cast in this election to strengthen our voice!

Our Priorities

Our Election platform and thoughts are guided by the following core fundamentals:

  • We support continued responsible growth and diversification of our regional economy to assist businesses, provide employment and meet the service needs of local residents;
  • We believe in investing in a transportation infrastructure strategy that prevents gridlock and provides more options and better services for residents, visitors and employees, thus improving our collective Town of the Blue Mountains experience; 
  • We encourage the right mix of housing we need to sustain all members of our community and economy as well as ensure planning frameworks that drive 'smart development' to meet these needs;
  • We focus on leadership, good governance and communication that serve to improve and align our community. 

BMVA Candidates Town HaLL WEBCAST 

Village Association Candidates Town Hall
Join us in person or via live internet webcast as we moderate a debate among all candidates!  We will focus squarely on the issues that matter to our members!  



The following are a collection of resources and media specific that BMVA feels are related to the election and may be of interest to voters:


Meet The Candidates

Gail Ardiel - Current Deputy Mayor

Running for Mayor
Click here to learn about Gail Ardiel
[email protected]

Michael Martin

Running for Deputy Mayor, current Councillor
[email protected]

Terrence Pettit

Running for Councillor
[email protected]

John White

Running for Councillor
[email protected]