Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce

The grant from Blue Mountain Village Foundation will help fund the Friends and Neighbours (F.A.N.) Club.

The F.A.N Club is a children’s mental health awareness program presented in schools for children aged 4-11 using child-sized hand and rod puppets to discuss social issues affecting them.

One in 4 youth will struggle with their mental health, yet only 1 in 5 of those youth will receive the treatment and attention they need.   Many barriers are associated with accessing care and treatment, including not enough knowledge of local support, stigma and physical barriers such as transportation and financial constraints.  Changing the delivery style of the program will increase capacity of our youth to help break these barriers to receive the support they deserve.  Early intervention and prevention programs represent an important and necessary step to benefitting individuals, families and communities at large.

For more information on Canadian Mental Health Association, Grey Bruce, visit website HERE


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