Kagawong Lighthouse

Located near the marina on the hill above the harbour , Kagawong ,

Phone: 705-368-3021
Website: http://www.manitoulintourism.com/
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The first light tower to guard the Kagawong harbor, at the tip of Mudge Bay on the north-central shore of Manitoulin - North Channel, was built in 1880 a the end of a modest wood dock. A replacement light was built on the same spot in 1880 but lasted only four years before suddenly burning down. It took two years to replace the destroyed light with a square tower on shore where it still stands today, separated from the bay by a road. The 31-foot-tall, white wooden structure tapers as it rises to decorative supports that help hold the square walkway. Above is the square, red lantern room and below, square windows peek out from beneath their own angled overhang plus the larger overhang of the walkway. Accessibility: Not open to the public - view from grounds