Western Islands Light

Double Top Island - south end of the Western Islands - 43 km south west of Parry Sound , Parry Sound,

The Western Islands are a small cluster of pale gray rocks protruding not over a dozen feet above the deep green waters 31 miles north of Collingwood, which marks the southern tip of Georgian Bay. The islands' rough stone surfaces are too harsh to allow even the smallest green plant a foothold; only a heavy dusting of deep gold lichen clings to the cracks.  The islands have been guarded since 1895 by the small, white, octagonal 45 foot tall light tower poking up from Double Top Island. A wide band of bright red runs around the tower's base, matching the color of the walkway and lantern room. A narrow cement walkway crosses over the island's uneven stone to join the tower to a helicopter pad and another small building. And a tiny cement bridge joins this island with another just a few feet away. Accessibility: View from private boat only - island is inaccessible