Wildly Deeply Well

Location: Blue Mountain Village 
Date: Friday, 28 Sep 2018 - Sunday, 30 Sep 2018

Retreat meets Festival! A weekend of wellness workshops, experiences, and immersive activities that will awaken your spirit, nourish your body, and bring new awareness to what it feels like to be fully alive. Join us for an adventurous weekend of mindfully living!

What if you discovered that you actually can meditate? Or that once you nestled into the cockpit of a kayak it would become an extension of yourself? This weekend is about discovering what living wildly and deeply looks like for you, discovering what it is that your soul is craving, and experiencing activities and practices that you never knew you would LOVE!

Do you believe that creativity is found only in painting, singing, or in playing a musical instrument? While these are certainly creative, there are many other ways that we weave creativity into our lives. Maybe it is painting, or maybe your creativity expresses through learning new ways to prepare delicious whole foods, or through designing a daily at home yoga practice.


Are you sometimes hesitant to try something new? Do you want to bring more ease and flow into your life? Our expert facilitators will support and challenge you as you explore the myriad of thoughts and feelings that come up when you push beyond your comfort zone. Whether it’s on the edge of a platform high in the trees, or going deep inside of yourself, these experiences are where the magic happens. And the question won’t be “what will happen if I take this step?” The question will become… “What if I don’t?”

Does your busy schedule keep you from eating the foods that allow you to feel energized and well nourished? Maybe too many hours at your desk have you craving more movement. Or is it stillness and peace that you really need? Whether it’s the Farm to table dinner, a restorative yoga workshop, or a sunrise meditation, here you will nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

What is Mindfulness? It’s connection to the here and now. This weekend you will practice it in everything that you do…. while eating your meals, hiking in the forest, dipping your paddle into the water, and having a meaningful conversation with a new friend. Mindfulness can be found in everything and in every moment. And here you will build new practices that will bring this Wildly and Deeply into your life.