Collingwood YMCA

The grant from Blue Mountain Village Foundation will help fund the Youth Access to Opportunities and Leadership Program.

“Youth Leaders” brings small groups of young people together weekly, providing them a chance to learn skills directly like cooking and food shopping and learn from each other as well as positive role models through games and activities.  Leadership skills are specifically nurtured and youth who graduate through the various levels of the program often grow to put their leadership skills to use at high school, post-secondary experiences and even to their future careers.

The teen years are hard with awkward moments physically and emotionally.  Young people today face a variety of challenges, like cyber bullying and social media/technology addiction and peer pressure.  Other challenges that are increasing among today’s youth include divorce, blended families, peer victimization, rising education costs, mental illness and more.  Statistics show that many youth cannot cope with these pressures and have high rates of substance abuse, homelessness, criminal activity, incomplete school and suicide.  Youth learn about themselves, gain new skills, connect with peers in new ways and see values like honesty, respect and caring in action.

For more information on the Collingwood YMCA, visit their website HERE

Blue Mountain Village Foundation proudly presented the Collingwood YMCA with $8,000 on February 22nd, 2016.  To view the full Media Release click HERE

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