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Monday, March 13th | Subaru Stage | 3pm

This is a band that is all about orange. From it’s four members Squeeze, OJ, Vitamin C and Twist, to it’s clothing and stage, it’s all orange, orange, orange! ORANGEMAN brings a dose of Florida sunshine and spirit wherever they go. Putting on a non-stop show featuring top party songs from every era, ORANGEMAN ‘s music is played to perfection. Their strong vocals are only matched by their fun and outgoing personalities!

Spencer Burton the Mountain Man

Tuesday, March 14th
Subaru Stage | 4pm

Spencer Burton has always been strongly connected to the natural world. An Ontario boy raised across the great expanse of Canada, Spencer carries with him an insatiable
wanderlust and deep respect for nature. His musical trajectory has been multifaceted, from his punk rock roots as part of Attack in Black to the darker country-inspired sound of his two first solo albums under the name Grey Kingdom. In 2012, Spencer dropped Grey Kingdom in favour of his own name, moving towards a more natural country folk sensibility.

Sonshine & Broccoli

Wednesday, March 15th | Subaru Stage | 2 - 2:45pm & 4 - 4:45pm

This Juno-nominated duo from Toronto knows how important it is for children to have music they can call their own. Described as "brilliant performers whose music and energy are infectious" by Chris Kennedy of the Royal Ontario Museum, best friends Lisa Sonshine and Brock Burford have always made their fans feel like part of the family with their upbeat and interactive performances. With their sixth album "Born to be Brave", Sonshine and Broccoli use new songs and exciting collaborations to build confidence, celebrate differences, and encourage kids to allow their own unique star to shine bright.

Emily Power Band

Thursday, March 16th | Subaru Stage | 3pm

The EmPower Experience is a high energy, upbeat show with songs ranging from current to some throwbacks that get you dancing and singing along! You can feel the high vibrations from the band that awaken your senses and bring out your true HAPPY! EmPower Experience is an energetic, lively, vibrant band that brings thrills, smiles and ignites your inner dancer. They will make you laugh, cry and sing along when they perform!

Alex Barber

Friday, March 17thSubaru Stage | 12-2pm

Alex Barber is a singer-guitarist who performs at weddings, events and private parties all around southern Ontario. You're guaranteed to know and love about 98% of the songs he plays. Make it 100% if you're into Whitney Houston and Post Malone.

The Connors Brothers

Friday, March 17thSubaru Stage | 3pm

Sitting at a kitchen table or in the front row of an amphitheater many people would have trouble telling you which place they'd rather experience The Connors Brothers live. This band was founded by three brothers and then smartly added a multi-talented fiddler/female vocalist to round out the group. The band continues to explore their Irish roots, adventure through the music of the East Coast of Canada, and always creatively fuse various styles of music to give their audience a one-of-a kind experience not soon to be forgotten.


Saturday, March 11th | Ft. Armando | DJ Booth | 5-8pm 
Monday, March 13th | DJ Booth | 6-8pm
Tuesday, March 14th | DJ Booth | 6-8pm

DJ ZHO is just a Good Guy providing entertainment & music for the people - Open format Club DJ  - Follow & Like on all platforms @zhothedj


Sunday, March 12th | DJ Booth | 4-7pm
Wednesday, March 15th | DJ Booth | 5-8pm

Since 1985, DJ KAOS has released some widely known hits such as "Let Your Backbone Slide" and "ATMOSPHERE (Hot for you)". Since then he has earned a series of achievements such as Gold singles, double platinum albums, two Juno awards, over a dozen awards from a plethora of genres, and is the first Canadian DJ to be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Music Hall of Fame! DJ KAOS is a pioneer music mogul, blowing away convention while ushering in a new wave of modern music. He brings history onto the dancefloor and incorporates it into todays modern hits with his unique style of very precise mixing.


Thursday, March 16th | DJ Booth | 5-8pm

DJ MEXX has been DJ'ing for about 20 years, and loves and respects all genres of music so don't be fooled by his looks - he can play it all! His favorite music is EDM latin house. DJ MEXX is a producer and promoter at the same time and has DJ’d in various different clubs in Toronto, international clubs in Cocobongo Cancun, Spain, Portugal, Mexico City, Vancouver, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. He has also played in various festivals like Caribana, Zamna Festival, Latin Festivals...and more

DJ Aaron White

Friday, March 17th | DJ Booth | 5-8pm

Aaron White has been DJing for over 20 years. What started out as a bedroom hobby DJing old school hip-hop on two old record players, quickly turned into playing live performances in his hometown of London, ON. Over time Aaron moved away from the hip-hop scene and found himself immersed in the ever-evolving sound that Electronic Dance Music provided. From Trance and Funky House to Mainstage, Melbourne Bounce, and Melodic House, Aaron loves to please any crowd with what EDM has to offer. Aaron has played small intimate clubs to large arena crowds with 5000+ people and currently lives in the Blue Mountain, Ontario area with his family.

DJ Apollo

Saturday, March 18th | DJ Booth | 4-7pm

DJ Apollo's passion for music began in childhood and has evolved throughout the years.  If he's not playing a wedding or corporate function, he can be found DJing right here in the Blue Mountain Village on Friday and Saturday nights. Based out of Barrie ON, DJ Apollo has always had a close connection with the outdoors, enjoying mountain biking and snowboarding.  In fact, he feels very much at home at Blue Mountain, having been a season pass holder for more than 20 years.


Sunday, March 19th | DJ Booth | 2-5pm

Hydee is a well-known Toronto local DJ who has over 20 years' experience in the bass music industry. Hydee specializes in drum 'n' bass, dubstep, and bass house. He has performed in many high-profile clubs and festivals throughout his career and has toured throughout Canada. Hydee is known for his high energy sets and a larger-than-life personality on stage.