Vanessa Lio

Location: Subaru Stage, Events Plaza
Date: Sunday, 26 Nov 2023
Time: 1 - 3 PM
Vanessa Lio was born to play music. From a very young age, she had always
found herself enamoured with music, often singing around the house and with her
family. She learned very early on that she had a passion for singing, and in her early
teens she started writing poetry and lyrics. She has been professionally singing and performing
since 2012 and has worked with several bands and musicians.
Writing from her heart and about events that affect her, Vanessa’s lyrics are honest and
thought-provoking. She has tackled subject matter such as tragedy and death, love and
heartbreak, unhealthy and toxic relationships, and mental health.
Vanessa has most recently been working with producer Atom of Cuginihub in Vaughan, Ontario,
Canada. In February of 2023, she released her single, “All in Vain”, produced with Atom. June 2,
2023, the new single, “Enter the Darkness” was released. You can find Vanessa performing in
and around Southern and Central Ontario all summer long.