The Village is at the foot of Blue Mountain and gives you great access to a whole new network of hiking trails along with the Open-Air Gondola. Use the Village as a jumping-off point to a day of exploring the mountain and the Bruce Trail. You can access the hiking trails and the Open-Air Gondola when you purchase a Play-All-Day Pass or get season-long access with the Explore Pass, those who have purchased a 2021/22 5x7 pass have the opportunity to pick up a 2021 Explore Pass.

Enjoy scenic views and lush green woodlands as you adventure on one of the many trails from short family-friendly walks to more advanced hikes.

Blue has added a whole network of trails to be enjoyed where you can pick your own path and explore the trails yourself or even join a guided tour.

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Click here for a printable and shareable version of the 2021 Explore Park Map

Visit Blue Mountain for the full details on passes and information about their 27 trails.
Hiking Etiquette and Tips

Following trail etiquette - guidelines for polite, safe, trail use - when using any trail system is important. Trail use is a privilege, and safety and enjoyment of the trails should be a priority of all trail users.
  • Pack out all garbage 
  • Keep pets on leash and pick up after them
  • Stay on the trails at all times

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