AGORA: Path of Light

Nightly until October 31st

About Agora 

AGORA is an unusual and magical space inspired by the cycles of life in nature. As participants walk this circular path, they will encounter a series of interactive lighting installations based on the five elements of air, space, earth, water and fire. This is a journey of learning where participants can communicate with nature, bringing AGORA to life with the language of light.
How to Spend your Evening

Start your journey in our lovely Blue Mountain Village visiting the shops and restaurants and taking in the serene and calm evening with the sun setting behind the mountain. Once you've purchased your tickets you'll be able to make your way up the gondola for an evening ride, which is a rare experience at Blue outside of the winter season. Follow the 3km trail and immerse yourself within the forest and enjoy this spectacular experience.

Visit our dining page to learn more about the Village restaurants and make a reservation today!

Where to Purchase Tickets

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased HERE.

Please note: mask-use is required on AGORA: Path of Light. This includes the Open-Air Gondola up and down, as well as on the Path itself. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.