Rental Regulations

As a Non-Village Core unit owner you must oblige by these procedures for unit rental.

The information below outlines the procedures regarding lodging rental steps for outside the Village Core BMVA members (owners).

Notification of Rental Arrangements – (2.10) – you are required to advise us of your rental activity should you chose to hire a rental manager in the future which includes the date and name of rental and rental manager. The BMVA has the right to request all details of rentals from your rental manager. Please refer to section 2, item 10 and section 12 of the General Bylaw for full details.  An administrative fee of $500.00 plus HST will be charged on members accounts who are found on self-renting sites or advertisements who are not disclosing the gross rentals and paying the Village Amenity Fee in a timely manner according to section 12 of the General By-law.

Rental Royalty Fee – (12.4) – administration of this fee is your responsibility if you chose to rent privately. This administration includes the following; referred to as Village Amenity Fee ‘VAF’

  • Calculation ( of the 2% Royalty Fee on all gross rental revenue + HST
  • Collection and Disclosure (12.4.3) of the fee from the paying guest and identification of this fee as “Village Amenity Fee” on all billings, invoices and advertisements.
  • Remittance (12.4.4) of the Rental Royalty Fee is required monthly in arrears. Payments can be made through your banking institution, by email payment or by cheque. A copy of your rental statement and calculation reconciling to the amount of your payment when submitting your remittance or payment receipt is required. Please contact Craig McIntyre at 705-444-7398 x 226 or if you require any further information on the VAF. Payments can be e-transferred to
  • VAF calculation sheet is available for remittance recording. Please notify Vacasa, Property Valet and Trillium Vacation Rentals that you are a BMVA member. They will submit the required fees on your behalf.