Oscar Naranjo

Oscar Naranjo discovered his passion for Latin dances when he was only 16 and continued to improve his skills by training with world renowned dance instructors. Oscar has been performing, teaching and competing since 1989 and has an extensive background in dancing salsa, tango, cha-cha-cha, bachata, merengue and cumbia. He has been awarded first place in 25 salsa competitions and crowned Vice World Champion at the Miami World Federation Championships in 2003. Oscar Naranjo Productions is a fresh and exuberant dance troupe which thrives on high energy and quality performances.
Araguacu Dance Company

Araguacu is a native Taino word that translates into "the sacred people". Through an emphasis on cultural traditions, embodiment of music, movement and it's expression - Araguacu Latin Dance Company was born. Araguacu is a professional dance company that was founded in 2013, in Toronto, Canada, by Directors Geo and Kim. It is a fusion of diverse cultures and talents that aims to stay true to the origins of dance, while fusing it with their own unique style of expression. The company specializes in teaching Bachata, and Mambo/Salsa On2. Their unique and impactful teaching methodology helps dancers find their fire, and develop the perfect blend of technique with flavour. Their high energy classes and performances have quickly made Araguacu one of the most highly requested companies from Canada.

YAMBEQUE is a dance school that focuses primarily on teaching the dance style Salsa Caleña, a unique salsa dance style of Colombia originating in the city of Cali, Colombia. The school also teaches Cumbia, Salsa Choke, Bachata among others. YAMBEQUE is also a performance group, presenting dances on the assembly of folk choreographies, and a variety of rhythms performed at cultural festivals, and public and private events. “Rumba Terapia” (RUMBA THERAPY) is the term in which aerobic dance is designated as the fusion between physical training, dance, and therapy. “Rumbia Terapia” is a new alternative to moving, doing sports, and burning calories in a fun way. Incorporating dance and upbeat Latin rhythm to make you loosen up and sweat. Rumbia Terapia has been incorporated as a sports boom and calorie burn in most gyms in Colombia and Ecuador. Join Yambeque this weekend!
Dance Migration

Dance Migration formed by gathering together fellow dance friends in Toronto to share a little bit of Adrianna’s discovery. The company today has blossomed having produced full-length dance works in some of Toronto’s most prestigious theatres. Recent shows include GAIA, Terra Brasil and Os Elementos at Fleck Dance Theatre. The company also performs at the corporate level being featured in Toronto’s top festivals such as Salsa on St Clair, Luminato, Guelph Jazz Festival, Afro Fest, Brazil Fest, and Harbourfront Center’s Hot and Spicy Festival. Dance Migration has gained international recognition, having performed throughout the Netherlands, Brazil, Ecuador, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Belgium, Canada and the USA.