Episode 2

The Nanny Turned Executive Director

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Andrew interviews a spectacular woman who calls herself the nanny turned executive director. Gemma Mendez-Smith is the director of the Four County Labour Board, an organization that works collaboratively with business, workforce and community organizations to initiate programs that address workforce needs in the Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth counties. Their discussion begins with her journey, where she grew up in Trinidad and has now ended up in Canada. They talk about the “defying path” that’s culturally embedded into us vs. the truth about career progression through a lifetime. They touch on the role that employers have in being open to hiring foreign and young workers…how it can benefit a business and what you should be looking for in a foreign-worker application. This episode will guide you on how to be a better employer and employee and what we can do as a community to ensure that we are in a strong labour market. 

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