Village Amenity Fee & Calculation Sheet

A 2% + HST Village Amenity Fee – VAF (aka  Rental Royalty fee) is applicable for all members who rent their properties.  The  Village Amenity Fee is applicable to all gross rental revenue generated by long and short term rentals. 

There are several rental managers, e.g., Blue Mountain Resort, Vacasa, Property Valet and Trillium Vacation Rentals, that remit the Village Amenity Fee on behalf of Blue Mountain Village Association Members. 
BMVA members who are managing their rentals privately, through online rental portals such as AirBnB, VRBO, etc., or independent rental managers, are responsible for the disclosure, management, collection and remittance of the 2% Village Amenity Fee.  An administrative fee of $500.00 plus HST will be charged on members accounts who are found on self-renting sites or advertisements who are not disclosing the gross rentals and paying the Village Amenity Fee in a timely manner according to section 12 of the General By-law.

How do you explain this fee to your guests?  Please see the description below, which is displayed at all front desks throughout Blue Mountain Resort and can be shared with private rental guests.

There will be a 2% Village Amenity Fee charged to your bill on checkout.  This Fee is collected by the Blue Mountain Village Association is order to partially fund a number of amenities available at the Village.  
These amenities include: award winning events and animation, children’s activities, Visitor Information Centre, shuttle service, security, garbage collection and recycling.  
The fee also supports the various Association assets in the Village including: public walkways, docks and trails, water play fountain, gardens, seasonal decorations, the Millpond and playground.  
The Blue Mountain Village Association is working with all the Resort stakeholders to make your stay at Blue Mountain a great experience and a lasting memory.

To help make this remittance easy for our members who manage rentals privately please download the Village Amenity Fee calculator sheet.  Simply enter the dates of your rentals and income earned and this will automatically populate the fees to be paid.  All fees are HST applicable and payable to Blue Mountain Village Association.  Remit this calculation form and payment to the BMVA on a monthly basis or as communicated with our accounting team.  

If you have any questions, please contact:
Craig McIntyre – Director, Finance & Administration or 705-444-7398 ext 225