Selling and Purchasing BMVA Member Properties

Step One – Request & Complete a Status Certificate Package

A Status Certificate Package must be requested of the Blue Mountain Village Association (BMVA) within 5 business days of confirmation of a firm offer on the sale of a property in the Village.  Please see Blue Mountain Village Properties at the end of this document for the full list of Village properties and addresses.  It is the responsibility of the selling agent and/or owner to inform new purchasers, their realtors and their closing lawyers of BMVA membership obligations, fees payable and privileges.

Click Link to download the Status Certificate Package request form. 

Please complete and send to  or FAX 705-444-5547 with payment. 

NEW**  BMVA Realtor Quick Reference Guide

Step Two – Remit Payment for Status Certificate Package request

The Status Certificate Fee is $75.00 plus H.S.T = $84.75.  Payable by cheque to Blue Mountain Village Association or by email transfer to    

Step Three – Receive Status Certificate Package

The Status Certificate Package will be prepared for the purchaser, their realtor or their lawyer by BMVA.  The Package will contain:

  • Status Certificate document which contains disclosure information regarding the property’s current financial status of Membership Entry Fees, Basic Membership Fees and Village Amenity Fees ;
  • BMVA Annual Report including audited financial statements;
  • Copies of any Members correspondence during the current fiscal year;
  • BMVA Members’ Guide which outlines the organizational and financial structure of the BMVA and its functions; including the General Bylaw and Blue Mountain Village Association Act; and
  • Membership benefits and obligations overview.
  • Membership Information Form

Step Four - Remit Closing Documents & Payments

The purchaser’s legal counsel must promptly deliver the following to the BMVA immediately upon closing:
  • A cheque payable to the Blue Mountain Village Association for the Entry Fee referred to in item 3 of the Status Certificate together with applicable HST;
  • A copy of the land transfer tax affidavit to evidence the purchase price amount upon which the Entry Fee is based and to confirm name registered on title to the property. (Note: While the purchaser is primarily liable to pay the Entry Fee, the vendor is jointly and severally liable for it. Therefore, the vendor legal counsel must ensure that on closing the fee is paid.);
  • An affidavit listing the names of the shareholders and share percentage of ownership of a Corporation (if applicable);
  • Any unpaid Basic or Rental Royalty Fees noted on the Status Certificate will have to be resolved between the vendor and purchaser prior to closing and an adjustment made on the Statement of Adjustments with remittance forwarded to the VA for the outstanding amount(s);“Statement of Closing Adjustments” copy for BMVA office files enclosed;
  • One signed copy of the Status Certificate acknowledging receipt;
  • Completed and signed Member Information Form.

Documents and Payments can be delivered by courier or in person to: 796468 Grey Road 19, Blue Mountains, Ontario, L9Y 0N6

NOTE: Once the sale is completed by purchasers’ solicitor and BMVA receives Entry Fee cheque, copy of Property Title, Signed Status Certificate, Signed Members Info Form and Statement of Closing Adjustment a Welcome Package is sent to the new owners/ members.

Future Requirements – Annual and ongoing BMVA membership dues and fees

Annual Basic Membership Fees

  • The Basic Fee (plus HST) referred to in paragraph 2 of the Status Certificate is payable in quarterly installments on the first day of July, October, January and April each year. An invoice is sent in Welcome package (with payment options) and then in early June on subsequent years to the address on file.
  • If the transaction involves an Undeveloped Lot, the Basic Fee is not payable until the home being built has been substantially completed. The purchaser must arrange to have the VA notified of substantial completion and have the plans delivered to the VA office so that the square footage can be calculated for determining the Basic Fee.       

Rental Royalty Fee aka Village Amenity Fee (VAF) Payable to BMVA

  • The Village Amenity Fee (VAF) is a mandatory charge directly to guests of 2% plus HST on all lodging rentals in all Blue Mountain Village Association members units.
  • The Blue Mountain Resort Lodging program remits the full 2% Rental Royalty Fee VAF to BMVA on behalf of both parties. If a suite is part of the Blue Mountain Resort Lodging program, it is the responsibility of the owner to pay 1% and Blue Mountain Resort to pay 1% of all revenue generated from the rental of the unit. 
  • If a suite is not in any rental program but rented privately; it is the responsibility of the owner to collect and remit the full 2% plus HST to the BMVA on a monthly basis charged to the rental guest.  An adminstrative fee of $500.00 plus H.S.T. will be charged on members accounts who are found on self-renting sites or advertisements who are not disclosing the gross rentals and paying the Village Amenity Fee in a timely manner according to section 12 of the General By-Law.
  • Other local Lodging Rental Management companies also offer the service of remitting the 2% Village Amenity Fee on behalf of the owner such as Vacasa. Please contact them directly for more details.
  • The 2% VAF is payable to BMVA monthly plus HST on the 15th of the next month.
  • For detailed information on rental of properties through Blue Mountain Resort please contact Blue Mountain Home Owners Services at 1-877-445-0231 or local 705-445-0231 ext 52601


Village Core – Central Village

  • Grand Georgian 156 Jozo Weider Blvd.
  • Weider Lodge 152 Jozo Weider Blvd.
  • Seasons at Blue 170 Jozo Weider Blvd.
  • Mosaic at Blue 190 Jozo Weider Blvd.
  • Westin Trillium House 220 Gord Canning Drive

Non-Core Village Properties – surrounding communities

  • Snowbridge Way - Single Family Homes
  • Snowbridge Townhomes 170, 171 & 184 Snowbridge Way
  • Rivergrass 115 ,125 & 130 Fairway Court
  • Monterra Ridge  689616 Grey Road 19
  • Blue Horizon  277 Jozo Weider Blvd. 

Non-Core Village Legacy Properties - built before the Intrawest Village Development

  • Cachet Crossing 107 Anne Heggtveit Drive
  • Winter Green 107 Wintergreen Place
  • Mountain Walk 169 Jozo Weider Blvd.
  • Chateau Ridge 796404 Grey Road 19
  • North Creek Resort 796468 Grey Road 19

New Developments

  • Terra Brook & Primont Homes - Crestview Court, Creekwood Court, Springside Cres., Stillwater Cres., Reed Way, Stoneleigh Dr., Cattail Cres.
  • CVD Developments - Crosswinds Blvd - Hillside Towns, Blue Mountain Towns 
Please inquire with the sellers realtor or HERE for an updated Property Managers list for information from them.
Please feel free to contact our office anytime with any further questions or request.

Contact Information

Membership Coordinator
796468 Grey Road 19
Blue Mountain, ON   L9Y 0N6
705-444-7398 ext 221